Alexandra Aurum

Alexandra Aurum Contemporary Jewellery can be found in craft and jewellery exhibitions held across the country throughout the year.

Growing up and working from Devon, Alexandra hand crafts each piece of jewellery using fusion, hand-forging and stone-setting techniques. Since founding the business in 2013, Alexandra has gained a reputation for quality handmade jewellery using exquisite gemstones.

Alexandra has two collections of unusual jewellery designs. Both are inspired by studying textures found within landscapes.

The Devon Red collection is influenced by the weathering of coastal sandstone. Using wire to texture the metal Alexandra simulates the wind eroding and cutting grooves into the sandstone cliffs on Devon’s coastline. This collection has a distinctive organic flow and visual uniqueness.

Alexandra’s family has links to the Isles of Scilly where she has been inspired to develop a second collection based on the unusual geology of the Islands. Popplestone beach on the West of Bryher shows traces of ancient glacial deposits from the Ice Age which runs across to the North of Tresco. Mimicking the heavily abraded and faceted boulders on the beach, the Popplestone jewellery collection mixes angles against smooth boulder settings which complement the facets and colours of the precious stones she sets.